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Being part of the drifting scene ourselves we are well aware of the damages done to the car from the abuse they get on the track. Low.Co offers affordable off the gun resprays and repairs for all track cars, along with custom body work, tubs etc.

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It is inevitable that damages to track cars are going to occur at some point when drifting, whether it be guard damage from a tyre blow out, quarter / door damage from getting up on your mate’s door, giving some love taps, or from sending it on short track. Low.Co is all about helping you save the dollars to keep you out on the track, as we all know how expensive the sport can be with just fuel and tyres.

These deals are not just limited to drift cars but any type of track car, whether it be sprint, Circuit, drag, or rally and the rest, we can work with any car and modify it to your requirements if needed.

Not only can we cover the body side of things but with Low.Co Mechanical now up and running, our highly skilled mechanic can help you with any maintenance or upgrades and also supply bulk tyres at wholesale pricing. If you’re interested in track cars and getting started in racing, we can help. Depending on the type of track you intend to race on, your car may need to be modified or along with our sponsors we can help with configuring the best wheel alignments to suit your style.

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Come on down and talk to the guys at Low.Co Customs. We understand your passion for track cars and we’ll help you get your vehicle track ready. Our business hours are from 6:30am until 6:00pm Monday to Friday and we’re based in Arundel on the Gold Coast. Call us for a free quote.

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