Guard Rolling / Pumping

We can do professional guard rolling (pumping)

Guard rolling applies to most makes and models of cars and generally is needed when you’re planning on lowering your car or going for that aggressive fitment. Rolling the guards / lip of the guard gives you that extra clearance between the body and wheel or tyre to eliminate the scrubbing without having to worry about damaging paint work.

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We are located on the Gold Coast and can work with any make or model vehicle to achieve your desired effect.

Our guard rolling process

Firstly the vehicle is jacked up and placed on jack stands, the wheels are then removed and the specially designed guard roller is slipped onto the hub and bolted in place. The arm on the roller is then adjusted so the wheel is putting slight pressure on the lip of the guard pushing outwards, the arm is then moved slowly from left to right pushing the lip out without too much force. The arm is then adjusted again putting the pressure back onto the guard and the same process is followed again. This is repeated multiple times until the desired result is achieved.

For the more extreme fitments guard pumping applies. Pumping the guards can involve heating and stretching the front / rear quarters of the car or cutting and rewelding them to give the car an overall wider look and to also allow a considerable increase in clearance for those wider wheel fitments that need more than just guard rolling.

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