Gear Box Replacement

Need a gear box replacement on the Gold Coast?

Is your gear box blown? Are you looking to upgrade? Need a gearbox to suit your engine’s power? At Low.Co Mechanical we got you covered on all your gearbox needs.

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Ensuring your manual or automatic transmission is in good shape is all dependent on regular services. These services serve to ensure that small issues are eliminated, for example an oil leak within your gearbox can eventually lead to a transmission without oil, no lubricate means the gearbox will eventually burn out. Keeping up to date with your services is our priority to keep you on the roads and money still in your pockets.

Should your Transmission/Gearbox fail we can provide options to rebuild or Replace with new or reputable second hand parts.

We also work on Drift cars and other high-performance vehicles to ensure that they have the most capable gearbox to suit their high-powered engines. Stronger gearbox means more track time and a longer lasting vehicle.

We can also complete a full manual conversion to suit your own preference (automatic transmission to manual transmission). This can be all materials and parts supplied for a cost effective and reliable way to make your vehicle suited to you.

If you’ve got a blown transmission or want to upgrade, 4WD’s (a transfer case replacement if required – can go as well as or instead of gear box).????

panel beater - custom car modifications | Gold Coast | Gear Box Replacement

Got a question about gear boxes? Our car mechanic can help

A gear box replacement and/or repair can be done when there has been damage or wear and tear to the existing gear box or if an upgrade is required. If you would like a free quote on a gear box replacement or repair for your car, call us at Mechanical Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We offer a professional gear box replacement and repair service for most car makes and models.

or contact us using the form below for an obligation free quote.


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