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Why you should choose us for custom car modifications on the Gold Coast

Low.Co Customs is a Gold Coast based custom panel beater and paint shop. We cover all kinds of custom car modifications from quick touch-ups to full show car / custom builds. Our specialty is classic car restorations and custom hot rods. We also offer mechanical repairs and trimming.

Here’s why our customers choose us for custom car modifications and for when they need an expert panel beater.

  • Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Quality

Our prices are competitive and fair within our industry for custom car modifications, mechanical and panel beater work. We love what we do and we take pride in ensuring that all our work is done to the highest standards using the best equipment and techniques available. We’re not just a bunch of mechanics and panel beaters, we’re car enthusiasts!

With more than 70 years’ combined experience and thousands of happy customers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose Low.Co Customs.

Our services include:

Rust surgery is common on older vehicles. Like us, blemishes start to appear but unlike aging we can put a stop to rust. Rust forms in many ways and can go undetected causing unseen major damage. Whether you have minor rust holes requiring a partial panel replacement or major rust requiring an entire floor or structural replacements, we can repair it. We first remove all rust from the vehicle then treat the panel before rewelding or patching where the rust has been removed. We then either use genuine repair patches or in some cases where they are unavailable we can make custom patches in house. Once the patches are welded in place we cover the area in epoxy.

Our team of highly skilled panel beaters have years of experience when it comes to smash repairs, even if your car looks like a banana, don’t stress we can fix it.  All smashed vehicles are repaired using high quality parts and for those that are a bit too far out of shape we have a pulling rack installed in the workshop, so all vehicles with major damage can be measured and pulled back to their original design. If structural points of the car i.e. beaver panel or sills etc. have been damaged beyond repair we can also cut and reweld new sections into the vehicle.

Guard rolling applies to most makes and models of cars and generally is needed when you’re planning to lower your car or you’re going for that aggressive fitment. Rolling the guards/lip of the guard gives you extra clearance between the body and wheel or tyre to eliminate the scrubbing without having to worry about damaging paint work.

For the more extreme fitments guard pumping applies. Pumping the guards can involve heating and stretching the front/rear quarters of the car or cutting and rewelding them to give the car an overall wider look and also allows a considerable increase in clearance for those wider wheel fitments that need more than just guard rolling.

If you paint is starting to look a bit old and faded Low.Co offers a cut a polish service. The process works in 3 stages. First, each car is colour sanded by hand in the more damaged areas to remove superficial scratches that have not passed through the clear coat. This can also minimise paint oxidisation. Your car is then buffed using a fine grade cutting compound which will take away most of the scratches over the vehicle, minor paint fade etc. The last stage is a hand wax which also helps to rejuvenate the paint by leaving a protective coating over the paint to brings the colour back to life and give it a shiny new car look and feel.

  • Boats
  • Touch Ups
  • Show Cars

Low.Co Customs serves our panel beater, paint shop and custom car modifications services

  • Spray Painting
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Complete Restoration
  • Rust Surgery
  • Track Cars
  • Smash Insurance
  • Guard Rolling
  • Buff/Polish
  • Boats
  • Touch Ups
  • Show Cars
  • Wheel resprays

Low.Co Mechanical serves our specialist automotive and custom upgrades services

  • General Mechanical
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Engine Conversions
  • Gear Box Replacement
  • Performance Upgrades and Modifications
  • Wheel & Tyre

Low.Co Trimming serves our wide range of custom trimming services

  • Automotive, Motorbike, Truck
  • Marine
  • General Items

Your Low.Co experts are owner Dane (see About Us for our story) and his team of highly skilled and qualified experts in their fields. This diversity gives us the unique ability to offer such a broad range of highly skilled trades under one-roof.

Call us for a free no obligation quote or for a consultation. Our business hours are 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

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